Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Going, going...

Life has been too busy for regular blog updates lately: putting the vegetable garden(s) in, work, new studies, setting up new courses through Confederation College - and a full blown estate auction.

Good friends of ours are moving away and asked to have their estate auctioned off from our property. We happily agreed, as this was a great opportunity to get rid of some of our own things, too.
Jacomyn quickly realized that an auction like this is not just an occasion to sell stuff, it's also a community event. Posters were distributed, people informed, and judging by the number of phone calls we got, pretty soon the community was aware of this upcoming event.
Auctioneer Peter Kantola in action on a large Douglas fir timber

Just after 8:00 am that morning the first lookers dropped in to go through the many things waiting to go, and around 10:00 auctioneer Peter Kantola kicked things off to rapidly work his way through the long list of items. Chairs, hammock, mud buggy, power wood splitter, paint, tractor, timbers, buckets full of screws and nails, power tools, scaffolding, you name it.

It was a lovely (and windy) day, turnout was great and the mood was excellent. Just after 1:00 everything was sold, often for next to nothing. A good time was had by all, we met some new neighbours, and on top of that our property got cleared of a lot of stuff we otherwise wouldn't have known how to get rid of.
Our friends also got rid of all their things and are now getting ready to move on. That's one thing this auction removed: a good friendship. We'll miss them.