Saturday, 1 October 2011

Big Bus

It's been a busy summer for us, but things are calming down a bit now that fall is here. Don't think we're twiddling our thumbs, though, there's always something happening. Like the biggest house tour we ever had.

Thunder Bay's Rural 55+ Travel Club picked us for their fall outing and arrived here last Thursday with the biggest possible size bus this side of Detroit and 51 friendly folks inside of it (plus one very good driver). It was the biggest house tour we've had yet - and one of the most enjoyable ones, too, as these folks proved to be fun, interested and easy going.

For a casual passer-by it must have sounded like a wild party was going on inside, with one guest playing her favourite rag time tunes on our piano, mixed with happy conversation and laughter erupting frequently.

As we waved the group good-bye 2 hours later and watched the big bus just making it out of our driveway, it felt like we made new friends that afternoon. Yes, that was a good day.